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Holiday Fun: SUP

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RX Date: 16th October 2015

Cameron Tripney is a 11 year old Stand Up Paddler. We joined him on the canals at Intaka Island and on the ocean at Melkbos Strand. He shared some tips on Flat water SUP and Wave riding and showed us how we can have some real Holiday Fun!

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Pro Skating: Gardens Skate Park

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RX Date: 25th June 2015

In Gardens, Cape Town, the first skate park opened last year and caters for novice and experienced skaters. The project puts the City on the map as a metro that promotes quality innovative open spaces for the public. The City of Cape Town won an International PLAYscapes Competition with this project for utilising vacant spaces. We chatted to some Pro’s at The Gardens Skate Park.

1. Gerrit Strydom: City of Cape Town: Project Manager
2. Jaun-Marc: Pro-Skater
3. Andrew: Director: Africa Skate

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