aTRANCEexperience is an experimental ART film on Trancing created in 2005.

I have used visuals and audio to create a meditative spiritual dance, allowing Trance themes and elements to link and flow from one another, until only Pure Thought exists.

Various elements of Trancing are explored and builds up to a crescendo into the Power Trance. We are led into the World of Trance by the Ritual and a prayer to Earth Mother. We are cleansed by the Wind Trance. The Cosmo Trance is about the Balance to give Birth and transcends Light and Shadow into Energy. In the Crystal we see Fire and the flames 🔥 bring Death and Silence in absense of Vibration… The Beat of the drum awakens the Rhythm of Dance, the Healing Trance of Body, Mind and Soul. Sound, Love and Chaos explodes into a Storm of the Power Trance. Water is Life and quenches Thirst. Water Reflects and Transcends the Relief to a plane of infinite space and time where Pure Thought can even Transcend Time…

© Alba Langley 2005

About the film:

Trancing is a way in which the conscious mind transcends into the subconscious mind to reach the highest level of pure thought.

I was fascinated with infinity and layers. I used the mirror image to draw the eye towards infinity.

All footage are from actual experiences.

The film took more than 6 months to complete and was completely self funded. The film was entered into a spiritual film festival in Japan but was never screened.

Genre: Experimental Alternative Art Format: HD4by3. Runtime: 17min. #aTRANCEexperience

© Alba Langley 2005



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