During my BCom studies at the University of Pretoria, I developed a great interest in photography. I met a photojournalist from Pretoria that was working at a local newspaper, “Die Transvaler”. He started teaching me Black and White photography. It was during old-school times and developing and printing took place in a darkroom.

I also wanted to learn that side of photography.

The photojournalist, Foeta Krige, got permission from the Editor at that time that I may use their darkroom from midnight till 6am.

My first time in the dark cubicle trying to roll my negative on the spool, was a total nightmare. After printing my own images for the first time and looking at how they came to life in the developer’s tank, I was totally hooked! So much so that I changed my career. After spending almost a year in training every night in the Transvaler’s darkroom, I started working as a junior newspaper photographer at Beeld in Pretoria in 1986. I completed my BCom degree in 1989.

I was fascinated by light and I experimented all the time. I loved available light and never used a flash, even at night time.

I held my very first photographic exhibition in the “Ou Lettere” building at the University of Pretoria in August 1991. It was called: Inside Out. Through the window of Alba Langley. It was the first photographic exhibition for the University as well and turned out to be a great success. Famous artist like Walter Battis exhibited in the “Ou Lettere” on a regular basis. I was extremely privileged to have had this photographic exhibition and I dedicated it to Prof. Murray Schoonraadt, who played a key role in my exhibition. Sadly, he passed on just days before the opening…

In 2002 I became interested in videography and a generous friend gave me my first Professional Canon video camera.

I had no tuition. I approached the video camera like my Nikon camera ( Yes, I’m a Nikon girl!) and off I went shooting…

In December 2005 I produced my first experimental short film: A Trance eXperience. It was entered in a Spiritual Film Festival in Japan.

In October 2007 I started in-house training in Randburg at a production and broadcast house – Urban Brew Studios.

I was employed offshore in Cape Town as Insert Producer for Urban Brew Studios from January 2008 until March 2018.

I worked on various productions, but mainly produced Inserts for YOTV on SABC1. YOTV is a daily edutainment program for teens on SABC1.

During my 10 years’ experience, I got to shoot on various terrains from seas to mountains high. I covered many events; from International Ice Hockey Tournaments, Kitesurf Armana to local spelling Bees. I covered sport, extreme sport, dance, drama, music, horse riding, kitesurfing, cable ski, theatre productions, etc. I am a keen environmentalist and activist and covered many topics from science and beach clean-ups to endangered species to shark releases, erosion and pollution. My video camera also sailed many seas. Besides various rubber ducks, I also worked onboard two research trips. I did an unforgettable trip to Marion Island and back. I also joined the Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism on the Africana for a 3-week fishing survey up the West Coast – so I should have my sea legs by now!

Me and my camera at your service!